Uniting Countries through Football, the universal language. Providing hope and discovering talent.

Kick For Africa works with families throughout africa. Our aim to is use football to bring hope, reason, and happiness to the communities. We are a donation based football initiative, we accept all types of football gear and monetary donations.

"Just one soccer ball alone gave them hope, life, reason and most of all, fun! The kids we visited inspired us to begin Kick For Africa. These donations will change thousands of lives. Let us unite the world through this."

Kick For Africa will also use community engagement to educate the public on how they can help to improve the lives of the less fortunate. We will be holding soccer camps throughout the year. These soccer camps will be run by elite coaches and are for all school aged children.

For more information or if you have any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Muizenberg, Cape Town Met these beautiful boys from a local Township on Nelson Mandela day. Their pure smiles when we gave them a soccer ball and played with them in a car park was the inspiration behind Kick For Africa. Pure Happiness.
Muizenberg Cape Town Muizenberg Cape Town
Food and Football, Simply Perfect This little fella could not have been happier in this very moment. We plan on achieving this exact feeling across South Africa!
Food and Football Food and Football
Southfields, Cape Town Purchasing some soccer balls to give out on Nelson Mandela Day
Southfields Cape Town Southfields Cape Town
Seapoint High School Saw these school kids playing a game, we happily replaced their old worn out flat soccer ball with two soccer balls!!
Seapoint High School Seapoint High School
Homeless Shelter, Muizenberg Such a wonderful, welcoming, beautiful group of people! we sat, we prayed, we laughed, and it began, boys Vs girls when handed a football! Their faces filled with joy and excitement!
Homeless Shelter Muizenberg Homeless Shelter Muizenberg